The Rotary Club of Akron-Newstead was chartered in 1989. The objectives of our club is to work locally to implement the ideals set forth in the "Object of Rotary International" and to strengthen the Akron-Newstead Rotary Club by striving to achieve the following five specific objectives. 
  1. On an annual basis, select, lead, and implement tow or more projects which will energize and involve the club members.
  2. Communicate with, and publicize at least monthly, relevant information concerning the Akron-Newstead Rotary Club with our several communities.
  3. Retain the active participation of current members and achieve a significant annual net gain of members. Focus on leaders in major business, professional, and community organizations.
  4. Promote fellowship, hospitality, and involvement within the Akron-Newstead Rotary Club for the purpose of multiplying and strengthening members' commitments to the club.
  5. Focus Akron-Newstead Rotary Club's limited financial and volunteer resources where they will be most appreciated and make a difference in people's lives.